Sunday, May 31, 2015

ME/CFS Mother's Day - Mothers with ME/CFS should pride themselves of being some of the best mothers in the world

Happy Mother's Day!
Today, when it is Mother's Day, You who are mothers with ME/CFS should rejoice, celebrate and give yourselves a big pat on the back - because you are among the best mothers in the world.
You really are!

When you have ME/CFS and the limited amount of energy that comes with it, you know how to value the time you spend with your kids.

As mothers with ME/CFS you are some of the most present, mindful and tentative parents there are, because you know how to make every minute count and you cannot afford to waste a single one.
And believe me, your kids can feel that presence and commitment.

When I asked my eldest son what he thought was a good thing about me having ME/CFS, that perhaps other kids didn't have, he responded: "You are almost always at home" (note: full time stay-at-home mothers are quite a rare thing where we live these days).

You may not be able to play soccer or go bike riding with your kids, but if you are moderately to severely impacted by ME/CFS chances are that you are around a lot more than many other parents. Don't underestimated the positive impact you have on your kids just by the simple fact that you spend a lot of time at home, even if it is mostly spent on the coach or resting in a quiet room.

And just listen to this:

"Happy Mother's Day Mom'.
You are the world's kindest mom'.
You are the world's most understanding mom'.
You are the world's best mom'.
You are the world's most fantastic mom'."

(From 11 year old Elliot to his mother, who has ME/CFS, on Mother's Day)

So there you have it - You mothers who have ME/CFS are great! Acknowledge it, celebrate it - Have a great Mother's Day!

Helena Westin
Author of Managing & Enjoying Christmas - Tools and Ideas for enjoying Christmas when you have ME/CFS (1st book in the series "Empowered Living with me/cfs")
Love and support,

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